For something impressive and truly different as the centre-piece of your special day, why not choose a cheese tower it will be a perfect addition to your Wedding, Anniversary,Birthday or Corporate Event.

The "cake" is made by stacking delicious cheese wheels in assorted sizes,colours and textures to resemble a tiered cake. You can then decorate it with fresh flowers, fruit, twine ... serve with crackers,fruit pastes, wine and bubbles.

Finding cheese wheels with the correct diameter, weight, depth and aesthetic to ensure the cake not only looks and tastes good but doesn't collapse can be tricky, and that is where we can assist. We supply specialty cheeses which have been sourced from the best Australian and European Cheese Producers to ensure your cake is perfect for your special day.

We can supply preserved fruits, muscatels, jams, chutneys, crackers along with other cheese accompaniments for your cheese platter. Your cheese cake will be a novel substitute or compliment the traditional fruitcake or spongecake .

Say Cheese invite you to make a time to come in and see us here in Belmont. You can see and sample your potential tower and we can guide you through your options. If you are unable to make it in, we can arrange for a sample box to be delivered to you. We will ensure that you have tasting notes for all of the cheese styles in your tower.

We Deliver Cheese Towers throughout Western Australia (for interstate delivery please email us at To order just click and buy in our online shop,and your cheeses will be delivered to your specified is as easy as that.

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