"The Love"

The Love is a perfect Tower for small to medium gatherings.

Serves 60 -80 guests $320

It consists of:

The Fine Cheese Co Cave Aged Cheddar

This handmade, traditional cheddar is produced using milk from Dorset farms and is then matured in natural caves in the Mendip Hills near Somerset. The cheese is presented in a traditional cheesecloth wrap which allows the cheese to breathe whilst maturing and helps give it an earthy finish. Unlike many traditional farmhouse cheddars, Cave Aged has a slightly sweet flavour profile. Its texture is full and creamy, with a tangy bite.

Delice Cremiers

This French rich, cows’ milk cheese is made with whole milk enriched with cream. It has a dense, creamy texture similar to ice cream when young which gradually becomes softer due to the ripening action of the fluffy, white rind. This cheese is at its best when the rind has slightly discoloured and the texture inside has become soft and luscious.Please note that all of our towers can be changed to suit your requirements.Cheddar which is made in South Australia,exhibits all the classic characteristics of well balanced and crafted cheddar. The paste is dense, compact and golden in colour - firm yet not dry or crumbly. The flavour is full and smooth and builds to a finish that exhibits a hint of acid on the back palate.

(tower price dosen't include decorations)

Please note that all of our towers can be changed to suit your requirements.

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