"The Wedding"

The Wedding is the perfect tower for a large Gathering

Serves 100 - 130 guests $700

It consists of a:

Ubriaco al Prosecco

Ubriaco cheese has its roots in the farming tradition of the Veneto region. It has taken its name from the fact that the local dairymen used the grape dregs to wet the rind thus giving to the cheese the winey taste and aroma. Another story dates back to the First World War. At that time the farmers of the area tried to protect their cheeses from the enemy by hiding their cheeses in the wine must. Trying the cheese later they realised how good the cheese was and how well it kept.

Colston Basset Stilton

A very traditional British blue, Stilton’s origins date back to the 18th Century when it was eaten at The Bell Inn, Stilton. Made from a small geographical area in middle England, Colston Basset Stilton is the only hand ladled Stilton and is considered the best. It is made under the watchful eye of Billy Kevan, only the fourth head cheesemaker since 1913. They still use the milk from four local farms that joined up in a co-operative in 1913, and Colston Basset pierce their Stilton later than most to allow more complex flavours and gentle creaminess to develop. It is an intensely rich cheese, with a flavour that is deep and lingering.

Delice Cremiers

This French rich, cows’ milk cheese is made with whole milk enriched with cream. It has a dense, creamy texture similar to ice cream when young which gradually becomes softer due to the ripening action of the fluffy, white rind. This cheese is at its best when the rind has slightly discoloured and the texture inside has become soft and luscious.

Please Note that all of our towers can be changed to suit your requirements.

(tower price doesn't include decorations)

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