"The Cheese Lover"

Serves 100 guests - $390

This Tower consists of:

Mon Sire Brie

Made in the home of brie cheese in the French region of Lorraine, Mon Sire Brie is soft ripened and is enclosed in a thin white layer of subtle cream and hazelnut flavours. The texture is creamy, smooth and superbly rich.

Vacherousse d’Argental

It is a soft, rich, seasonal cheese made from cow's milk in Switzerland or France, usually in villages of the Jura region (an origin that has been officially controlled since 1981), it has-yellow washed rind.

Jouvence Brie Fermier

When France's Ferme de Jouvence make traditional farmhouse Brie, they use the full cream milk from their 150 cows within twelve hours of milking to ensure freshness and full flavour. This cheese is smooth and earthy with definite hints of raw garlic and mushrooms, with the flavour sharpening as the cheese ages.

Epoisses Chalancey AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée)

The origins of this washed rind cheese are shrouded in mystery - some say Epoisses was invented at the beginning of the 16th century by Cistercian Monks, but others maintain that the recipe was discovered by farmers wives and passed down from mother to daughter. Epoisses has a shiny orange or straight up brick red rind; its smooth creamy interior melts agreeably on the palate, and its clear cut aroma is slightly spicy.

All our towers can be changed to suit your requirements.

(tower price doesn't include decorations)

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